All baby red pepper co. sauces are handmade and handbottled. We use no preservatives other than salt and naturally derived citric acid.  These sauces need to be refrigerated once opened. Separation is natural since we use no thickeners such as Xanthum Gum (give the bottle a hard shake). And do yourself a solid: wipe that rim after each use or youre going to pick some up off that cap... and who knows which eye you'll rub first. 

Stepping Razor Jerk

Pineapple Calinda Sauce

Boston Bay inspired Jerk Hotsauce

Creamy Pineapple Mango Ubersauce

8/10 Heat. With a nod to the music of Peter Tosh and Boston Bay flavors, Stepping Razor is a tomato-based  sauce full of traditional Jamaican jerk spices blended with Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion and De Arbol peppers.
Stepping Razor is a great finishing sauce for grilled chicken or pork. You will also enjoy
it on everything from burgers to goat.  
It's Dangerous Good. 

Contains Soy Sauce.
8.5/10 Heat. This is real deal heat. A cloying, flavorful sauce full of sweet creamy 75% pineapple, 25% mango,  on the front end followed by the citrus bites of Trinidad Scorpion, Yellow Fatalii and Aji Dulcve peppers.  Light kisses of brown sugar, allspice and  pomegranate molasses linger with the heat.
A go-to sauce that delivers big sweet flavor and heat that lingers. Nothing better for omelets or fish.

Yummy Rum Tummy

Chilihead Chipotle

Rum Mango Island Hotsauce

Pecan Smoked Seven Pepper Table Sauce

5/10 Heat. Red's special island sauce blends fresh mangos, lime juice and island spices with Aji Amarillos,  Habaneros and a kiss of Trinidad Scorpion peppers. Rum essence extruded from spent barrels completes the finish. A decidedly complex and flavorful sauce. 
Equally at home on fish, satays, eggs or in fruit salsas, Yummy Rum Tummy is an ideal sauce for applications where you're craving a lil' sweet and a lil' heat. 
6/10 Heat. Cold-smoked chipotles using pecan chips. Straight out of the field. Big, bold chipotle flavor with a kick of habanero heat in a tomato-vinegar based sauce. The tomatos are cooked to a paste for up to two days prior to the main cook. Red adds guajillo,  de arbol, mulatto powders and black peppercorns for rich, smokey complexity. 
This is a true table sauce intended for any dish where you're looking to add a smoked component with moderate heat. The perfect sauce for Carne Asada tacos.

Fractal Scorpion Sauce

Synaptic Overload

The Full Frontal Scorpion Sauce

Red's Signature N. African Sauce

9/10 heat. A roasted red pepper sauce & Red's homage to the traditional vinegar BBQ sauces of North Carolina. Trinidad Scorpions dervish dance with De Arbol, Guajillo and Habanero peppers. Smoked sea salt and lime complete the sauce.

A straight ahead, frontal assault of complex heat and flavor with a bit of smokiness.
Use this as a standard go-to anywhere you would use a vinegar-based preparation.
7/10 heat.  A ghost pepper sauce blending bhut jolokia, Red's smoked serrano and de arbol peppers for a full mouth experience. A blend of dark balsamic and cider vinegar bouy  onions, Red's Berbere spice blend, pomegranate molasses and garlic, . This sauce is all about melded flavors.

This is what  Goetta wants to take a bath in.

Femme Fatalii (Seasonal)

Red's Pizza Shake

Specially Blended 

Seasonal Fatalii-Cherry Sauce for the Holidays

7/10 heat. Red's Pizza Shake is a blend of crushed Aleppo,  Jawalla, Thai Dragon, with a sprinkling of smoked habanero powder. As with all Baby Red dried pepper products, we low kiln dry all peppers, then pasturize to ensure maximum stability, weigh to 4 oz and  seal.

What we've found with the blend of Jawalla and Aleppo is a smoky fruitiness that comes across, especially when the flake hits  hot oil. ​A great addition to pizza or stir fry. Try it with pasta, parsley, lemon, wine, butter and capers over pasta.
This is the 2016 Seasonal Sauce for the Holidays. The human blended this one specifically for game, turkey and goose. We start with 2.5 gal of Cherry Must (provided from a vintner) and 1 gal of cranberry puree then add Aji Dulce peppers for fruitiness, Fatalii peppers for a hit of citrus and instant heat up front and Golden Ghost peppers for that soothing warmth in your throat. Spices include coriander, nutmeg and cinnamon.

If you have Venison, Goose, Rabbit or Pheasant, this sauce has it covered.

Red's Baby Food

Hot 'Lanta Vinegar

Pickled Habanero Pomegranate Spread.

Red's Hot 'Lanta is a true pepper vinegar inspired by the pepper vinegars ubiquitous to the Deep South.  Perfect for greens, dressings... virtually anything you would use a flavored vinegar for. This is our homage to the Southern tabe and the Allman Brothers.

​We pickle the habaneros for 6 weeks with black peppercorns and slices of ginger. We decant and pasteurize/bottle the resulting vinegar with a touch of white sugar for sweetness. The habaneros are then used as the base for our Baby Food Habanero Spread.
8/10 heat. If you like habanero fruitiness, we got it and more. This is a spreadable hot pepper product blending habaneros, pomegranate molasses and Sea Salt. It's that simple.

Red likes it slathered over cream cheese and crusty bread slices.

Smoked whole & powdered  peppers. 

Smoked and whole peppers
We grow every single pepper used in BRPC hot sauces in the Baby Red Garden in Burlington KY.  In addition to our sauces, habanero-infused vinegar and smoked/dehydrated peppers, we sell peppers fresh, pickled and "jammed up." In late 2017 we will roll out a small selection of whole seed pepper mustards and "Projekt Mmmnana Sauce" the world's only orangutan authorized banana ketchup (you only have to taste it to understand).

In 2016 we focused on Fatalli, Golden Ghost, Chocolate Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion and various Aji strains (notably Limon and Panca). For 2017, we are working to reestablish seeding beds but are focusing on Fatalii, Datil,  Bhut varietals, Fish, Habanero varietals, Jawalla, Aji Dulce, Aji Amarillo, Aji Norteno, Aji Limon, Chocolate Berbere and a selection of trial annums and baccatums from SE Asia and the Indian subcontinent. And of course, Red's private reserve Shishito, Fushimi and Sapporos.

We carried over several small beds and container clusters scattered/isolated from the other peppers to ensure we can harvest true seed & maintain our most successful varietals.

Our beds for 2016 were a modification of the French Intensive Biodynamic approach of Alan Chadwick. Our fields were 10 years in-ground and only supplemented by yard compost, mushroom compost, bone meal and fish emulsion through the first part of the Season. We solarize the fields beginning in March and conduct a brief burn of organic plant and tree matter three weeks ahead of forking. By planting our plants close, we acheive a micro clime below the plant foliage that reduces weeding to virtually nothing by July and conserves water.

Importantly, we have never used any artificially produced chemical, pesticide or fertilizer on our crop.

For 2017, we're rebuilding from scratch.  And loving every minute of it... you tend to get complacent with good soil/drainage. New soil forces you to pay attention and relearn.